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#DerekSabiston #Bassnectar #WillowSmith - “Whip My Hair” vs “Here We Go” #Dubstep Mashup

So I was jamming to this with my friend the other day and realized I had never posted about it..and it needs to be shared. The musical climax of this song is unreal, beware while driving and listening to this ESPECIALLY turned up. You might find yourself wanting to slightly lose control. Deff top song on my genre of dubstep. Funny thing is this guy, Derek Sabiston, doesn’t just do dub, he has an array of mixing/mashup styles. He is EXTREMELY talented. He uses all different types of electonrica to mix in his music, including 8 bit sound.  I highly recommended listening to all his tracks on his SoundCloud, there are free downloads too. He even does a sick remix to the YouTube sensation ”Double Rainbow”. I want more of this guy, did I mention he was extremely cute? =) 1.23.11 Daily Audio Post.

His tumblr

His SoundCloud

Bassnectar Myspace

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