Hello I am 24 I am a working girl...I'm kind of interesting. I live in NYC. I like to share things so I got a tumblr. Oh and I'm kind of a nerd.


Triumphant Loser

Strangled, no voice.

Breaths are short, breathing is hard.

Thoughts are hazy, confusion sweeps in.

Guilt is plentiful, and keeps replenishing.

Confusion isn’t far behind, and is catching up.

Silence seems better, but the rush won’t stop.

Addiction in another form, quite the understatement.

Sickness? Hardly.

Bliss does not blend well.

Borderline catastrophic – infliction of pain.

Yet I don’t stop – I can’t.

Harmony and chemistry – the universe dictates all.

I don’t feel like battling with answers in the distance.

My arm won’t stretch, my hand won’t clasp.

Secret agendas – agendas about secrets.

Triumphant losers.

I am a loser.

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